[Recap] Katalon Community 2023 Year End Award

Hi all, :wave:

We hope you had a splendid Christmas with your families and loved ones!

Let’s give a big round of applause for the winners in our Katalon Community 2023 Year End Award! We hope you have been able to learn a bit more about them, get inspired by their stories, and now are more motivated than ever to contribute to our forum, so that you will get to be honored in next year’s award! :wink:

And to our winners, a big Congratulations to all of you! Our team will be sending each of you a small gift soon, and keep being such awesome members of our community! :sunglasses:

Katalon Community team

:point_down: Check out our winners for the 2023 Katalon Community Award below :point_down:


See our list of winners here:

The White Knight - @grylion54

Mike Highlight banner

The Solutions Whisperer - @Russ_Thomas

Russ Thomas Award Banner

Most Impactful Creator - @Monty_Bagati

Community Award (Monty) - alt

The Guru - @kirankukreja51

Community Award (Kalpana)

Client Innovator of the Year - Liberty Latin America

Community Award (LLA)

The Campaigner - Sanjay Kumar

Community Award (Sanjay)


In the upcoming days, let’s all take a walk down memory lane to see the most notable topics, moments, and members of our forum in Katalon Community 2023 Rewind!


What a way to end 2023


Congrats winners!!