Re-recording changes in scripts


I have recorded a set of fields on a screen and saved the repositories to a folder in the project.

Some fields are missed out which are re-recorded using web recorder and repositories are saved to the same folder but the scripts are changed.

FYR, screenshot is attached

After saving the scripts and repositories, repository file path is changed in all lines of script.

Kindly help me out to find a solution to the above problem. Is this a bug in Katalon studio or re-recording is not applicable for the same test case in katalon studio.


Is there any possibility to overcome the above issue.

Currently we are performing manual work(work around) for solving this issue.

Kindly help us in finding a solution.

Thanks in advance.

My guess is that the left one is newly recorded right?

From what I know is, if you use the recorder/object spy. It creates an own folder where Katalon stores it’s objects.
This depends on the page it is on. (Of course if the folder already exists, it stores the objects in the same folder).

So my guess is the following happened.
When you first created the objects in your original test script, you either created it manually, changed the names of the folder/location, or the page was called differently then it is now.
So because it has changed and you let Katalon do its work. It creates a different folder from the original and automatically changes the script into what Katalon recorded (as commanded by yourself).

I am pretty sure your objects from the original scripts are still in your Object Repository. But yes you have to manually change it again as Katalon doesn’t do that.
As far as I know, if you let Katalon do it itself, it will create the newly script and overwrite the old one.

From my understanding this is intended and not a bug.

A solution for this I found is creating the objects and scripts myself, without the recorder.
While this is more work to do, your object repository will be more clean and easier to read (in my opinion).

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