Object Paths are changed after using the Web Recorder

I have the following structure in my object repo:

Object Repo / Page1 / Input fields / [objects]

When using the web recorder to record other stuff for a testcase it tries to save the old objects as new ones after closing the web recorder. And it changes the paths referenced in the script to “Input fields / [objects]” which leads to not finding those objects and having to restore the paths manually.

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@felix.griesau Please provide more detail: step to reproduce, log or screenshot… for investigate

Ok, heres an example:
minimum example - Copy.zip (41.8 KB)
It contains a few objects and one test case that should work.
After opening the test case click on “Action” → “Record” → “Record Web”, click yes and proceed to the Web Recorder. When double clicking step 7 on the object it opens a little window, just close that and click ok in the web recorder.
It asks for merging the objects. Now just select the one we actually viewed (and possibly changed) so “a_Manuals” and merge it wherever you want, but not in the original folder. So it creates a copy (because maybe you changed something so you want to save it in a different subfolder). After doing that the other object (“a_Tutorials”) wont be findable and the reference is changed to the same location where the new a_Manuals is located.

Hi @felix.griesau

I think i have understood you correctly and have seen this topic before. Have a read of this. There has been no update on this topic but im pretty sure this is the same thing you are experiencing.


Thank you for answering. Yes seems like the same issue occurring in a different scenario. It seems like the folder structure of the object “pointers” (if you want to call them so) is altered when saving them in some cases. I am pretty sure, this is not the expected behavior and that this especially shouldn’t happen to objects that haven’t even been touched but are just located in the same folder. That really took me some time to figure out. Would be ok to me if only pointers to objects that were altered and merged would also be altered.:thinking:


@Alice please check above comments to further check the issue :slight_smile:
Thank you so much

I closed this because it’s inactive.