Lost captured objects


Please let us know what you are using Katalon Studio for?

  1. I have currently applied Katalon Studio in my project

How would your work be affected if this issue has not been resolved?

  1. I can continue my job, but my performance is lower than expected

Katalon Studio Version

Katalon v8.2.5

Steps to reproduce:

Create a test #1 with recorder and save objects in a folder “test 1”.
Create a test #2 and record.
Copy some steps of test #1 on test #2.
Save script and save objects in a folder “test 2”.
Replay the test #2 : have errors on null object reference with coped objects.

Thank by advance for your correction.

Best regards.

Hi @chivet,

Do you record test #2 on another page and save its objects on “test 2” folder?

Nam Nguyen.


The record test #2 is a part of #test1 and then, another pages.
For example, all my tests starts with a login page ; so, I copy these lines on start of all my tests.
But after these login test lines, the test is different.

Hope this explanation helps.

Best regards.

Hi @chivet,

I’ve tried copying on both script mode and manual mode and it works fine.
Could you please provide us with the minimal sample that can result in the error?

Nam Nguyen.


I reproduced the problem with another way.

In the recorder, records some actions.
Cut one line and paste it on first line.
Double-click on this line : the link with the object has gone.

This is a huge problem cause I lost lots of lines and that’s taking a lot of time to correct them.

Thank by advance for the correction.

Best regards.