Objects not saved in repository


I updated my Katalon version in 8.4.1.

In previous versions, sometimes, some objects were not been saved.
But with the new version, I lost lots of objects.

To reproduce, I registered a web scenario.
I click on “Save script”.
And some objects are saved and some objects ar not.

I have to record few times the same scenario to hope retrieve all my objects.
This is a huge problem for me.
Could you analyze this error?

Thanks a lot for advance.

@chivet what error? you show nothing to community for debugging.
which is a huge problem for us, we have to buy crystal balls and learn how to use them.

If you are using the Web Recorder to “pick up” your elements, maybe some are being duplicated with the same name and therefore are not being “saved”–only one of them would be. For this, you have to manually change the names so each is unique.


Yes, that’s it.
And I noticed 2 other things.
Some Test objects are not saved at all in the repository Objects. I don’t know why or how reproduce it. But it happens with the merge options.
And some lines in the recorded script miss the path of the repository. So the link is incorrect in the script and the object is not found when I replay the scenario. Ex. FindTestObject(“Repository/Page/Object” is correct and the line under FindTestObject(“Page/Object”) doesn’t work. I don’t understand why or how to reproduce it neither. It can happen for 2 objects in a same page : one is correct, the other no.

So, it takes a long time to correct all these problems manually after a record TT

Don’t hesitate if you need more informations.


I think I understand the problem : there are few little problems that make this situation.

1/ When I choose an object in studio and an object in the recorder, the path of the object in the script is not the same. The recorder starts with the path "Object repository’ and studio doesn’t.

2/ In the recorder, sometimes I have an error when I saved “the object is too long” without known which object.

  • It will be more simple if the recorder don’t record too long name.
  • It will be more easy to correct of we know which name is too long
  • when I rename an objets in the recorder, some references in the script are not renamed.

3/ When I saved the script, some paths of test objects are incomplete. So, when I replay the script, I have the error “the object is not found”. In the repository, the object is created.
This is the most important problem. And I don’t understand why some saved paths by the recorder are incorrect.

4/ When I complete a script saved with the recorder, I think there is a cleaning of objects.
And I think that, at this moment, I lost objects with wrong paths.

Thank you by advance for your help.

Best regards.

Just for your reference.

This error message reminds me of a previous post:

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Thanks for the reference.
So, this bug is back in Katalon Studio version 8.4.1.

You shouldn’t jump to the conclustion too quickly.

I remembered a previous post by a word “object is too long” in your post. Just that. I don’t know if the previous post has anything to do with your current issue.

It is one of the problems.

For the point 3/ this more often happens with copy-paste objects in recorder (cf. Lost captured objects) and rename/modify objects and rename action before a first save.

@vu.tran support case created