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Q: Cortana is also a digital assistant from Microsoft. In which desktop version of Windows did it make its debut on?

The answer to this question is Windows 10. Microsoft debut Cortana for the desktop, and to my understanding, a year before Apple decide to put Siri on its Mac lineup. If you take a skim at the blog post below, you will see that the folks at Microsoft did put quite a bit of blood, sweat, and tears into integrating Cortana with Windows.

Sadly, that efforts did not age well with the recent announcement that Microsoft would be shelving the Cortana app on Windows and have the Bing Chat AI and Windows Copilot to be its replacement. Maybe we can view this as Cortana’s reincarnation, with all the smartness and minus the voice and the personality :person_shrugging:

Q: Which planet is the second smallest in the solar system?


The answer is Mars. Measuring at 6,792 km across, Mars is only 53% the diameter of Earth, and about 1/10 the mass.

However, if we still were to include Pluto in the solar system, then that would make Mercury the second smallest planet in our solar system.

**Q: [Mystery Sound 1] You are about to hear a Windows Startup Sound, can you guess which version of Windows that it was originally intended for? **

The correct answer for this question is Windows 8. To find the hidden startup sound file, just copy this file path and paste it in your File Explorer (if you have a Windows 10 and 11 machine): C:\windows\media and then open the Windows Logon.wav file.

The idea for this question came to mind after I listened to the Twenty Thousand Hertz podcast series about Windows startup sounds (if you did not know, Twenty Thousand Hertz revolves around the stories of the sounds we hear all the time). The episode in question were: “Ta-da! It’s Windows" and “Windows_Logon.wav”.

You can here about how the Windows 8’s startup sound came to be, and how it got hidden at the 3:05 minute mark

I also recommend you to listen to the previous episode for more context…

To the members that got this questions right (@anas.chammam, @akshayhiremath.s, @snehitha.muthulur, @guy.mason, @novino_dragon, @Arnel, @ashu10aug04, @salesforcetestingguy, @hemant.mishra.extern and @kreno), did you have to look up how each version of Windows startup sounds sound like before answering this question? :smirk:

Also, what is the Windows startup sound that give you the most sense of nostalgia or that you like the most?

Q: What is the scientific name of the Water Bears a.k.a. the Moss Piglets?

The correct answer for this question would be the Tardigrade. Learn more about them by watching the video below.

Q: On July 14, 2015, which NASA spacecraft below flew by Pluto?

The correct answer for this question is the Nasa’s New Horizons spacecraft.


Q: [Mystery Sound 3] Can you guess the game studio that always use this theme song in the startup sequence of all of their games?

The correct answer for this question is Valve, and there is a visual to match…

For those who got the sounds right - @anas.chammam, @brian.clauser, @novino_dragon, @Arnel, @hemant.mishra.extern, @Pascal_Donauer and @kreno - did you just simply guess it, or did you happen to play some of Valve’s games? And if so, which one is your favorite?

Q: What is the name of the virus/infection that devastated mankind in the game-turned-TV-series The Last of Us?

The correct answer for this question is the Cordyceps brain infection, and it is not a fictional disease but a real, very real fungus…

… Horror always feel more scarier when it is based on real events/phenomenon :scream:

Q: Installed on both the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecrafts are two phonograph records. What are they called and what are the shapes and materials of the record?

The correct answer for this question is Voyager Golden Records - Round gold-plated copper disks. The two records each contain 115 images, along with a variety of natural sounds, and sóng from different cultures and era, with spoken greetings in 55 languages.

Q: The Bluetooth logo is consisted of two runes that represent the letter H ( ᚼ ) and B ( ᛒ) respectively. Can you guess which runic alphabet do the runes come from?

The correct answer for this question is the Younger Futhark (800 - 1100) Runic. And an even stranger fact is that the name “Bluetooth" actually came from Danish king - Harald Bluetooth.

Q: Most of us know that Google loves to use desserts as codename for most (if not all) of their Android version. Which dessert, then, is the codename for Android 8.0?

The correct answer for this question is Oreo

Is there any particular version of Android that you like? Tell us below

Q: What is the name of the US Air Force facility located in Nevada which is often associated with conspiracy theories and rumours about aliens, UFOs, and secret experiments?

The correct answer for this question is Area 51. On September 20, 2019, a Facebook event called Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us managed to attract millions of people, with 2 million responded “Going", and another 1.5 million responded “Interested" on the event’s page. The YouTube channel Internet Historian manage to document the whole shebang pretty well.

Q: [Mystery Sound 4] You are about to listen to a game’s sound effect; can you guess which game that it come from?

The correct answer for this question is the Pokemon series. This is the sound that plays when you win a battle.

For those who got this question right. Which generation of Pokemon games did you enjoy? And which Pokemon(s) do you like?

For me, one of my favorite Pokemon is Kirlia, simply because of how elegant it looks…

Yup, I know there are lots of Rule34 NSFW fan art out there of Kirlia, and gasp! :fearful: , its final form Gardevoir, but I myself do not enjoy them

It was just a guess!