Happy Geek Pride Day! 🎉


Hi folks, :wave:

Did you know that today is Geek Pride Day? (Not to be confused with the upcoming Pride month in June :no_good_woman:)

A little history about the holiday

It started in Spain in 2006, after a Spanish blogger named Germán Martínez suggested a holiday called Dia del Orgullo Friki - which roughly translated to *Geek Pride “Tag”? - according to Google Translate, to celebrate everything geeky such as comic books, science fiction, fantasy, cosplaying, role-playing games, and more.

The holiday then became popular online rather quickly and spread to the US in 2008

So today, feel free to unleash your inner geek! Let us know what you are passionate about. You like games? Tell us about your favorite games? Do you build your own PC? Show us your setup :raised_hands:

Are you a movie buff? Then tell us about your favorite genre(s) of movie and drop some recommendations as well down below! :point_down:

Or maybe you are a coding geek, then tell us about your latest project! What have you learn? Any demo?

We are also running a small trivia quiz which you can enter to win prizes from us! :partying_face:


Happy Geek Pride Day!

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I have submitted

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So I played Stray recently, and it was a rather fun and unique game (most probably due to the fact that you are playing as a cat :cat:), and it reminded me of how interesting platforming games could be. You can check out my impression (and screenshots) of the game via this thread.

Though more games are becoming multiplayer-oriented, I still lean forward to singleplayer campaigns in games because of the story as well as to appreciate the world and level designs that artists, designers, and developers have poured their hearts into.

One of the games that I really like in terms of world design is the Bioshock franchise. Imagine being stranded in a city at the bottom of the ocean of which society was (or had already) fallen apart due to civil war, and having to avoid running into the people living there (who at that point were all spliced up and ready to kill you on sight) while soaking up the glorious Art Deco aesthetics.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the whole philosophy of which the city is based on - Objectivism - which I do not think I could cover completely in this topic.

Happy Geek Pride Day! The quiz was fun!

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Hi @bob2,

Thanks for taking part in the quiz and we are glad to hear that you like it! We hope that the quiz has also allowed you to learn something new or interesting :smile:

Now since you are in this thread, feel free to share about anything “geeky” that you like e.g. a movie, TV series, game, computer, music, etc. :wink:

I am actually fond of computers mainly laptop…

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That’s quite interesting! Would you mind explaining more? What do you like about laptops more than desktops? And do you have a favorite brand? :wink: