[Quiz] Geek Pride Day 🎁

Happy Geek Pride Day! :partying_face:

Today, feel free to celebrate and express your inner geek by going to the topic below…

Now we are also running a small 20-question trivia quiz to test your geekiness :wink:. And the three (3) fastest members to complete the quiz with no wrong answer by 2023-06-01T16:59:00Z will be able to get:

  • A $30 Amazon US eGift card each :partying_face:

To be able to receive the prizes, be sure to: (1) take a screenshot of the end screen when you finish the quiz, and (2) reply to this thread with said screenshot.

Take the quiz

We will also be giving out a runner-up prize for one (1) lucky member who:

  • Completed the quiz but is not in the top three fastest
  • Gets all the questions in the quiz right,
  • Post a screenshot in this thread, and
  • Share with us about their geekiness in this thread.

Said runner will be decided via a lucky draw :tada:.

Have fun :sunglasses:

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Feel free to use Google, Bing, or AI tools such as ChatGPT, Bing Chat, or Bard, etc. to help you with this quiz. Though keep in mind that only the three fastest members with no wrong answer will be able to get a $30 Amazon US eGift card each. :wink:

On a smaller note, this quiz was created by a non-geek a.k.a. noob a.k.a. me, so some questions will inevitably be rather too easy, or too niche, or quite biased based on my own experiences with computers and such; thus, I do apologize beforehand and I also welcome all of your feedback and suggestions for our future quiz! :pray: :grinning:

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Done :raised_back_of_hand:

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Let’s have some Friday fun @trust_level_0, @trust_level_1 and @trust_level_2 ! Ready to see just how much of a geek you are? Then take the quiz below :point_down:

Take the quiz

:pushpin: Note: Be sure to follow the instructions at the end of the quiz to be able to win a $30 Amazon US eGift Card! :wink:

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Fortran IV & dBase II & IBM 1130

Passionate about music, computing, photography, travel

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Hi William, :wave:

It seems like you have an affinity for retro techs. I am going to take a wild guess and say that the IBM 1130 was your first computer.

Feel free to let us know in the thread below :point_down:

Funny thing is that I was actually going to put one question about the emergence of House music in the 1980s based on the video below

Which genre(s) of music do you like? and do you have a favorite artist(s)?

And by computing, did you mean hardware or software?

Now I am intrigued. Can you share a bit about your gears, and possible a Flickr page, or Instagram, or whichever platform you usually post your pictures onto? :wink:

Hi @brian.clauser , @katalon6 , and @novino_dragon, :wave:

It is good to see you are back. the forum may look a little different from when you were last here, so if you have any problem navigating with the new structure, feel free to send me a message. :smile:

And while you are here, why not let us know if you are passionate about anything “geeky” in this thread? :wink: