How "geeky" are you?

Just did the quiz and turns out I am only 25% geeky :smiling_face_with_tear: . Though to be fair the quiz did contain quite a few references I have not heard of like the Sci-Fi channel, Mensa, believing in The Force, etc.

Try the quiz and see how geeky you are at:

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Or maybe try this quiz as spotted by @Mark_Gibson:



Alas I am still a noob :smiling_face_with_tear:

Just wondering if you have ever been referred to as a geek before?

I do notice that people often use the terms nerd and geek rather interchangeably (or maybe it is just me), although nerd carries a more negative connotation than geek, which is a term people claim for themselves instead of being imposed upon by others.

If given the choice, would you want to be called a nerd, or geek, or both? :grinning:

Too many times to count.

Yeah, nerd does have a little more negativity associated with it depends on the context though, and who is doing the name-calling.

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I like to name myself a geek when I wanna piss off my wife (or not in mood to work in the garden)

I cannot be named a nerd since i ware my eye-glasses only when working at PC (altough i should were all the time) and I grow a beard.

Does it counts?

Usually, from what I saw, nerd is same as geek but with a bad connotation (applies a bullying level top of it)

And ofcourse, everything depends on the social context, the intonation etc etc

At a high level, the term nerd may be applied to the Brick character in The Middle TV series.
ref: The Middle (TV Series 20092018) - IMDb

He is smart, but all the times reading etc etc. He knows lot of stuff but have some difficullties to addapt to the society, somehow he create his own world.
Nobody see a future for what he is doing, they treat him as hopeless.
Or more probably to his sister, Sue.

The term geek may be more used for characters like Sheldon in The Big bang Theory
ref: The Big Bang Theory (TV Series 20072019) - IMDb

Altough he have same behaviours (introspecting person, willing tu study etc etc) over the time the evolution is different (and note, he has a totally different personality, will never accept an answer he doesnt like)
He starts to be appreciated from the early age, but it it still treated as special.

I like to think, you may start as a nerd but you can became a geek and above.

For both terms, I suppose, are applicable for people who arent understood by the normal society because they have different goals and levels of understanding the world.
Such may be intimidating for people with lesser levels of abstractions, therefore they bully and invent terms to define such.

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To be noticed, we dont know if Brick failed, or he became a geek, or something even better.
The only we know is, Sheldon started as a nerd also, ref in aYoung Sheldon and ended with a Nobel prize and a beatifull wife and lot of friends.

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I think if your glasses happened to be a wide-rimmed, and your beard is like in the pictures below, and you also happen to wear flannel shirts with a beanie, then you may be associated with a hipster look-wise.


I used Bing Chat to compose a short description of a (stereotypical) male hipster circa 2010 - 2015

In the urban jungles of the early 21st century, a new species of human emerged: the male hipster. With his distinctive beard, undercut hairstyle, and flannel shirt, he stood out from the crowd as a symbol of alternative culture and individuality. He was often seen in coffee shops, craft breweries, and vintage stores, where he indulged his passions for artisanal products and retro aesthetics. He was also fond of bicycles, vinyl records, and ironic tattoos. The male hipster was a curious and creative creature, but also a vulnerable one. He faced constant threats from mainstream society, such as ridicule, gentrification, and cultural appropriation. He had to adapt and evolve to survive in a changing world. He was the ultimate urban explorer.

Now the term hipster is actually quite interesting, according to this site, they are described as not wanting to conform to the norm or liking the mainstream culture, and that they appreciate things that are underground, indie, undiscovered or in the past.

Though some hipsters take the not liking mainstream culture a bit to far and then the whole group sorta got a bad rap. Some typical things they might say include: I like that band before they were cool emphasizing their superior taste for discovering said band before they went mainstream.

I also found a video which sum of this group pretty well, though keep in mind that they also evolve with times

Would you say that you see yourself reflected in the characters Brick and Sheldon to some extent (please correct me if I am wrong)?

Geek Pride May may be already for me (and nearly for you in your timezone), but feel free to what you like about the two series above, or anything else geeky that you like or have done in the thread below :wink:

Somehow yes, this is why i love the movies.
wheter if i am a hipster or not now i dont think so.
when i was at student age, had long hair and i was a rebel. at that time rock and roll was on the waves
perhaps i did that to compensate my nerdines
now i am more like an old guy. bald, wearing glasses and have a beard
i like to think about myself as being part of the times who insipire the hipster trend.
nonconformity was always part of the society, since the ancient history.
it just take different forms over time
it is a form of expressing and sharing feelings. it may bee seen as a protest (and usually this is true) but also it is a way of moving forward from what may block yourself