Proxy Authorization Required Katalon runtime v7.9.1 and v8.5.5

I am using Katalon runtime v7.9.1 and and v8.5.5 both of them fail with proxy authorization required every few 10-15 mins but at the same time, if i try to browse some websites through browser, i can browse them without issues. So trying to understand exactly what KRE looks at on the system, and does not find it, when it failing with Proxy Authorization Required error!
I am getting attached response every few mins

am using below command to trigger the test suite

Can somebody guide me what is missing or how to avoid this error.

Sorry but I cannot see the error. Can you give a full log

The error i have already attached, here is the detailed one.
Is it because of evaluation copy of KRE 8.5.5 ?

Has anybody faced this earlier. I am using KRE v7.9.1 and v8.5.5 and in both we are facing the issue.