Not receiving any verify account emails

For some reason my account shows as unverified. I have been trying to verified my account for the past 3 hours, and I have not received any emails from katalon related to this. I changed my pw to see if that worked, and did get an email from katalon many minutes later.

My account has been around since 2018, and the company I worked for has purchase an enterprise license.

Is there a reason why this is not working? I cannot use katalon studio without verifying my account. (again)

The TestOps accounts management needs a complete overhaul in my opinion.

Few things I noticed when I had trouble (just last night!) …

  1. Don’t be logged in to TestOps on the same machine you are trying to activate/verify your account(s). It doesn’t like that. Log out first.

  2. The activation links are available inside TesOps. One would assume you can copy/paste them from there and ignore the emails.

  3. The captcha “I’m not a robot” was dead last night - endless spinner. The email arrived anyway - go figure.

@ThanhTo @devalex88 I received support from Dung Ngo last night. We discussed a number of ways that adding new users could be improved. Not least of which, admin should be able to bypass all that verification nonsense and add users’ emails and passwords with a few clicks. Invite? Simply not necessary - too many steps fraught with hiccups. And captcha? Don’t get me started… :angry:


@Russ_Thomas My main issue was Katalon Studio activation dialog came up,and was not able to activate. (Even thought I was using katalon on Friday without issue). Thanks for the TestOps idea. I was able to remove my KSE licensee to log in to KS. After that, IK re-enabled to KSE and re-started KS without issue.

I will try to verify my account again some other time (even though it was verifed for the past 1.5 years).