Email verification for account not received


I started a Katalon account yesterday and downloaded Katalon Store and Run Time engine. I currently can’t run the Store app because it says I have invalid credentials. When I log into my account, I see a “Verify Email”. I’ve now pressed that about a half dozen times since yesterday, and I have never received an email asking me to do the verification.

I have received two other email from ‘Katalon Team’ that had nothing to do with my email verification. Another of my coworkers sent me a copy of his email verification he received that was from ‘Katalon Team’.

So, my question is how can I get my account verified?


Russ Berckmoes

@sara.leslie @Jass

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Never mind. I discovered the problem with the email. Turns out that I forgot an ‘s’ at the end of the company name. Since I can’t change that. I’ve deleted my account and created an new one.

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