After a few days, account is blocked and verification does not work

A few days ago I started using Katalon Studio (Free edition). I was able to do some automated tests, everything looked promising but today I can no longer start Katalon (“This account has been blocked” at Activation dialog). If I consult my account on the Katalon site, it tells me I have an “Unverified Account”. If I try to verify my account/email, I do not receive any email. My spam filter also doesn’t get anything from Katalon.
Your help is much appreciated in getting Katalon Studio working again.


Our team checked the database and it seems like your account is already verified. Do you still encounter this issue ?

Dear ThanhTo, I feel so stupid. Our company just switched to office360 and this new ‘focused inbox’ feature decided that Katalon mails are not important to me and did not show these mails. I tried to remove this post, but I do not have the permission to remove this post.
Everything is working now and I can continue my evaluation of this tool.
Thank you for your swift reply and my appologies,

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No worry, glad I could help.

Hi @ThanhTo,

I have my account verified as I see on the page, but when I try to log in to Katalon Studio, it tells me that my account is blocked and sends me to but it doesn’t let me in either because it gives me the same error message This account has been blocked. Please verify your account at See instructions at


What happens when you log into katalon website ? Do you not see where you can verify your account ?

You should see a button to verify your account when you go to My Account page in the website. After you have verified, you should see this screen:

Then wait for a few minutes and activate Katalon Studio again. Let me know if it helps.

Yes, I saw it and activated my account, it is already active, but when I log in to Katalon Studio it throws me the error message
This account has been blocked. Please verify your account at See instructions at


Please wait for a few minutes. It takes some time for the server to sync up. :wink:

Hi @ThanhTo,

Several hours have passed and I have not yet been able to log into Katalon Studio, already having my email verified.

Could you help me with this ?

Hi @faalmanzar

Apology for the inconvenience. I have notified the team about your issue. I’ll inform you when I have more information. Thank you for your patience !

Hi - we purchased Katalon Enterprise edition and it looks like account verification does not work as I’m seeing this message:

. Can you please help in resolving the issue on this account?