I cant verify my email

Hi, my account has been blocked. According to “Troubleshoot Activation Problems” I should sign on the website and go to my account, and after that press on the verify button. But “Verify now” button is absent on my account profile. How can I solve this issue?

Hi @Serhiy.Konon

Sorry we are working on this issue right now.

I’ve checked in our database and your email seems to have marked @katalon.com as spam and some emails from us were rejected. Can you go to the span email and see if any verification email has been sent. If there is, please click on the link in that email to see if verification works for you.

If there isn’t any such email, then in the mean time to continue your work you can create a new account. I will inform you when the issue is fixed and users are able to activate through Katalon website’s UI.

Thank you for your patience !

I am facing the same problem and there is no verify me button in my profile neither have I received any mail.
How can I solve this issue?