[New Release] Katalon Platform Update - Nov 30, 2023

Hi Community members, :wave:

Today, we are delighted to announce the November 30th, 2023 update to the Katalon Platform which bring several new features and enhancements as below:

Test Authoring

We are excited to release Katalon Studio version 9.1.0 with several new features:

  • [Mobile Testing] We have officially support Appium 2.x in this release (tested with Appium 2.2.0)

  • [Mobile Recorder / Spy Web Utility] We have added the ability to identify duplicated objects based on their XPath.

  • We have introduced new keywords: [WebUI] Navigate to masked URL. Using this keyword, the URL navigated is masked in the Console Log, Log Viewer, and reports.

  • We have introduced an option in Project Settings to hide the hostnames in the Log Viewer, Console Log, and the report.

:information_source: To download our update your Katalon Studio version to the latest one, go to: Katalon Studio Free Download | Katalon

:information_source: For more information on the new features, enhancements introduced, and bug fixes for Katalon Studio in this release, please refer to our documentation at: Katalon Studio Release Notes: Version 9.x | Katalon Docs


We have introduced several new features as below:

Create Automation Rules

  • When you report a defect for a failed test result with an identified issue, you will have an option to create an automation rule for automatically linking specific defects to matching test results. This feature helps you to minimize the time spent investigating failed test results that have the same issue. You can define patterns by utilizing either exact text or regular expression syntax to tailor to your rule specifications. You are also able to quickly check if their regex is working by clicking the View Matched Results button before saving those settings for automation rules.

  • In this release scope, only upcoming test results will be automatically linked to defined defects if their error message or stack trace matches with the user-defined pattern.

View list of Automation Rules of each Defect.

  • At a specific Defect Detail screen, by choosing tab Automation Rule, you can view a list of active rules created to automatically link it to matched test results. Information includes: the rule name, its pattern, creator and created time.

Delete a specific Automation Rule.

  • You are now able to delete specific rules from the rule list of specific defects, so that you can cancel automatically linking this defect.

:information_source: For more information, please refer to our documentation at: Katalon TestOps Release Notes | Katalon Docs

:information_source: To see our past releases, simply navigate to the new-release tag, or visit our Katalon Community Hub