Appium 1.9.0+ support

Hi Katalon Team,

I’m surprised this hasn’t been requested already, but a critical feature for our mobile application testing (and I’m sure many others) is support in Katalon Studio for Appium 1.9.0+, as this is when Appium support for Xcode 10 and iOS 12 was added.

75% of all Apple devices run iOS 12, so obviously any mobile application testing done in earlier versions of iOS is not necessarily reflective of how mobile apps perform on the vast majority of the Apple ecosystem.

The only thread I could find on the topic was this one from 2018, but there were no developer replies on when this support could be expected.

This seems practically mandatory given that there is no way (that I’m aware of) to test the latest generation of iOS devices in Katalon Studio at this point. It would be a massive help for us to ensure our iOS testing is current and valid.



It is a nice suggestion.

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That has been the main reason why I’m not using Katalon Studios. They take forever to support the latest Appium and the fact that they haven’t done anything with it yet is disappointing.

Pretty sure that has already been implemented (at least in not yet released builds). In this tutorial VinhNguyen is using Appium 1.11-beta without problems.
Support for higher Appium Version ist also part of the 6.0 Release Milestone on Github (has been logged by a premium support service user).

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Just for clarifications: My tutorial focuses on execution only, other functionalities depend on Appium library are not touched. You can use the current Katalon Studio version with my tutorial without any problems for Appium1.11-beta

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Hi @Zarashima, thanks for the reply. So is full support for newer versions of Appium (outside of just execution) on the roadmap? Obviously complete iOS testing in Katalon is limited while this isn’t available.


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Just FYI: we are working on it.


Hi @devalex88,

Really appreciate the confirmation on this, our company now has a lot more confidence moving forward with our automation activities using Katalon.


Good Day,

Has there been any updates on this matter?
Or ETA on a release that will support Appium 1.9.0+?

Thank you!

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This issue has been addressed by the devs in Katalon Studio 6.2.1, which now supports Appium 1.12.1:

The feature request can be closed.

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