[New Release] Introducing StudioAssist in Katalon Studio πŸŽ‰

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Hi Community members, :wave:

Today we are excited to introduce StudioAssist, the latest addition to our growing list of AI-augmented features!

StudioAssist is a coding companion designed to streamline your Katalon Studio programming workflow, and enhance your productivity and clarity. Leveraging the power of GPT and Katalon Studio, this feature provides context-base code suggestions as well as the ability to provide detailed descriptions of existing codes.

Explore StudioAssist and learn how to use it by visiting our blog post below :point_down:

:information_source: Read our documentation to learn how to set up StudioAssist

If during your usage, you spot a bug/error or have an idea/suggestions on how to improve StudioAssist, then feel free to create a topic in … and take advantage of our Bug Catcher initiative to get rewarded as part of our Contibutor Program.

For other usage-related questions about StudioAssist, please create a topic in Katalon Studio

Happy testing! :sunglasses:


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How do I know if someone has accepted my invitation?

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My lucky number is: 97

And here is my StudioAssist Screenshot:


Thanks for trying out our newest feature!!! Would love to hear your feedback about how this feature will help you in your daily work. Cheers!

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This is an amazing feature! I have had a brief hand trying out this feature and it surely will act as an accelerator for the testers!


Hi, I am getting an error while trying to generate/explain code and I am wondering the best way to go about tracking down the cause. Is there a log I can look into?

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It will not let me upload an image but my error is javax ssl error

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Hello everyone, quick update to let you all know that StudioAssist is now included by default in KSE and no OpenAI configuration is needed to use it. Here is the updated documentation: StudioAssist in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs


Hi @lucio, Which version do we need to use?

Hey @Dave_Evers , Studio 9.4.

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