[Recap] Improving Test Automation Team Productivity: Use Case of a Success Story

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Thank you very much for joining Part 5 of our Onboarding Webinar Series. We hope that through this session, you have learned how to utilize an end-to-end flow to increase your team’s productivity and efficiency, as well as know some techniques to streamline testing processes using the Katalon Platform.

Please see the recording of the session below…

We will be updating this thread with the answers to your questions asked during the session, so stay tuned! :smile:

This is the final installment of our 5-part Onboarding Webinar Series - designed to help newcomers to Software Automation testing, and even seasoned Testers who are exploring other testing tools to get started with the Katalon Platform.

We have plans to bring you similar webinars in the future so stay tuned and check out our forum frequently to get the latest updates! :+1:


Q: Is there a way to create a descriptive test case document based on what was automated? I see the Steps in manual view but not in a high level Test Case document.

A: StudioAssist is an AI-powered assistant in Katalon Studio that enables testers to write automated tests more effectively and efficiently. StudioAssist is built based on OpenAI GPT API and capable of intelligent code generation and explanation.

Q: Any news about AI enabled testing?

A: Katalon Autonomous Test Generation (ATG) is an AI-augmented test automation solution that automatically discovers, models, generates, and maintains user-journey test cases. Katalon ATG provides a streamlined test generation process, saving time and improving testing efficiency.

Q: I require a Word Document or PDF of the Automation Steps. There is a description but can only see it when opening KSE code

A: Please refer to the answer here…

Q: Do we have a way to highlight in the report, any unusually high time taken?

A: No, we cannot do any highlight in the execution report for unusually high time taken.

Q: Can we customize execution reports? Like if I want to add specific execution steps only in report. Is it possible?

A: No, it is not possible to customize execution report as of now in Katalon.

Q: Can Katalon be used instead of Load runner?

A: No, you would not be able to. This is because Katalon is a Functional Testing tool and Load Runner is performance Testing tool.

Q: any news about performance/load testing? Is Katalon useful? Last time I checked, the Support team recommended Jmetre/k6

A: Yes, Katalon supports Octoperf for performance testing. Please refer to the documentation below for more information…

Q: Does TestOps run on headless browser?

A: Yes, TestOps supports headless browser testing for Chrome and Firefox.

Q: Could you share some documentations regarding End-2-End testing?

A: Please refer to the web page below…

Q: I am still facing a lot of challenges when integrating Git with Katalon.

A: Please refer to the documentation below for instructions on Git Integration with Katalon…

Also, you can check out a series of troubleshooting topics that list out the most common errors that our users face with Git by going to the tag git