[Survey] Share your feedback on StudioAssist! 🎁

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Hi Community members, :wave:

We hope the StudioAssist feature that we introduced back in June has given you a huge boost in testing efficiency and helped you to become a more collaborative test developer.

And now, since many of you have probably gotten your hands on the feature and played around with it quite a bit, our product team is eager to hear about your experiences with StudioAssist via a short survey (only 3 minutes to complete!)

As a token of our appreciation for your feedback, one lucky member who fill our survey will also get:

  • One (1) $10 Amazon US eGift Card! :gift:


  1. Complete the survey, then take a screenshot of the endscreen from now until 2023-07-28T16:59:00Z
  2. Reply to this message with said screenshot and a lucky number.
    β†’ We will annouce the winner via a lucky draw after 2023-07-28T16:59:00Z

Happy testing! :sunglasses:
Albert from Katalon Community team

Exceptional feature that will save a lot of time.

I choose the number 5

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Hi @trust_level_1 and @trust_level_2 members, if you have tried out StudioAssist before, then this is your chance to provide us with your valuable feedback, and get a chance to win a $10 Amazon US eGift Card as well :wink:

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Looks like I am the β€œLone Wolf” here

Its really good working with Katalon Studio.
And katalon community is really helpful. I got my issue resolved quickly.
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @Monty_Bagati,

It seems like you have forgotten to put in your screenshot. You can go back to the survey, take a screenshot, and update your previous reply.

Hi @shruti1,

Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think about StudioAssist by completing the form below. Afterward, you would also get a chance to win a $10 Amazon US eGift Card as well :wink:

Hi folks, :wave:

Since @Monty_Bagati was the only one who took the survey and completed the steps to win the Amazon US eGift Card, we will proceed to send said eGift Card to him.


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Do you have some guideline to proceed the studio assist exactly ? I am kinda mad using this that i try to tell create function, and still theres no function.

and there is no function.