New Katalon Community Feedback!

Hi and welcome to the new Katalon Community!

We’ve been hard at work to bring you not just an updated look and feel, but also useful features and better support. :hugs:

Nevertheless, there’s always room for improvement and we’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how we could make our Community even better!

:point_right: Please fill this short SURVEY (1< minute) and/or comment down below what you would like to see on our site moving forward! :point_down:

Thank you for being a part of Katalon Community!
Katalon Community team.

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It looks pretty but…

  1. Post lists no longer show the avatars of the posters. This was useful information now not available anywhere. I’ve placed this point #1 because it is the most annoying change and makes my task harder.

  2. Post lists have excessive whitespace between the post title and the Replies/Views/Activity columns. This makes the entire row take up too much vertical screen space. Placed #2 because this is the second most annoying change.

  3. The Top Contributors “leader board” is not useful. Since it doesn’t show empathetic results (that’s a Discourse term) it’s weighted toward those showing less community spirit not more. If it were my choice, I’d remove it completely.

  4. Katalon has a coloring brand image: blue/green. The forum is now at odds with that brand image.

It’s early days, but those are my observations so far.


looks nice on mobile, better than before.
on desktop, is counter-intuitive.
eventually, I may get it… still tweaking but have no sense for me on 16:9 displays
waste of space, facebook like

side note, functionality is awfull on mobile, only the overall look is ok.
every time i jump back or forth it shows temporarily a certain main page
but it is more responsive than it was


I agree with @Russ_Thomas with this.

I agree with him. I feel I am on a Wanted list. Did I do anything bad for you?

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On the page, items that I already visited are displayed in blue-ish color, items that I haven’t visited are displayed in black color. This color confuses me, makes me uneasy.

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Now some positive feedback :slight_smile:

I am glad to see the response emoji added:


Please add the following…

I’m thinking about what you said

You hit the bullseye / You nailed it

I have read this / I’m looking into it / I’m watching


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It’s backwards, if anything.

I am confused anyway.

On Mobile, I see the following image too often.

On the top page where I see the list of recent topics, every time I tap a topic, I see this image (the common FOOTER division) before I see the topic’s title and content body after a few seconds of delay.

This gives me an impression that the site may be currently in some trouble so that it shows the FOOTER div accidentally. — But actually it is not by accident. I do not like to see the FOOTER div this often.

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As I am typing replies, I frequently have to post code blocks. The font used in this editor makes the three backtick characters look like three dots

Screenshot from the editor:

This is the font shown in DevTools:


If I change it to (for example) arial, backticks look like backticks again! :dart:

Screenshot from the editor:

So please change the TT-Norms font to something more suitable for the task.

Summary thoughts:

I honestly think you guys should have given us seniors more time to look at the dev site and beta test it. Putting together these suggestions takes up valuable time all while the site is live.

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I agree with @kazurayam regarding the Katalon Community image displaying every time I read a post, this is very annoying.

Can you put this in our feedback note to resolve?

The limitation to ‘no more than three consecutive topics’ is annoying and counterproductive.
Perhaps I want to bring new info in a certain topic in another day.
Now I have to edit the last post … is that really needed?

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Hi all,

Thank you so much for all the feedback. They are really valuable to us and thank you for your dedication. Our team is looking into all the issues one by one and figuring our all the possible solutions. I understand that this upgrade is not easy for anyone and we acknowledge all of the contributions.

Please excuse us for not letting YOU know sooner before the the actual live date. However, this upgrade is just the first phase, we are constantly monitoring the site, collecting feedback and resolving issues in the next couple weeks.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.
Vu Tran

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Hi @Russ_Thomas, I’ve added three emojis :thinking: ; :eyes: and :dart: as you requested. You can now find them when hovering on the Likes :heart: button.

Hi @bionel, I’ve updated the “max consecutive replies” setting from 3 to 10. :+1:

We’re currently looking into the other bugs and will get back to you soon. Thank you for your feedback! :smile:

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It wasn’t easy to find the Katalon Recorder area when I went to look for it. I found it, but it took some searching before I found the relevant forum area.

If you can please surface these product categories better, it’d be appreciated!

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I wrote a code in Katalon Studio like:

I copied the code and pasted it into this forum post, and I got the following lines pasted.

` ` `
import com.kms.katalon.core.util.KeywordUtil

// String Deletedmsg = '''is deleted succesfully'''

String Deletedmsg = '''is inserted accidentaly'''

if (Deletedmsg.contains("is deleted successfully")) {

System.out.println("DataSet is deleted and testcase is sucessful: " + Deletedmsg);


else { // See

String msg = "DataSet is not deleted and testcase failed: " + Deletedmsg






`  `  `

The result isn’t good. All indentations are removed. Redundant newline characters are inserted.

This malformed copy&paste result spoils the Code Formatting feature by triple backticks. Having the Code Formatting feature corrupted, we can not discuss about programming any longer.

I did this on macOS 12.4, Katalon Studio 8.3.0

Hi @guy.mason,

Thank you for your feedback!

We’ve updated the navigation UX of the site so that whenever you click on a parent category e.g. Product Forums, there will be a list of subcategories displayed as boxes on top of the topic list :smile:

Screen Recording 2022-07-05 at 14.01.56



Please remove this AS SOON AS possible.

Since the New Katalon Community launch, many people send 1-to-1 message to me. Why? It is because they find my name at the top of the “Top Contributors” list. Perhaps they think, they are free to ask privately any questions to Those Who Are Publicly Named.

But I do not like to be addressed personally. I always reply to them; "Please make your question public to the Community. "

Really annoying.