Site Feedback Roundup - July 11, 2022

Hi Community members! :wave:

Thank you so much for your feedback & suggestions for our new Community within the past few days. We are aware that some of the bugs and features introduced might have negatively affected your experiences in the new Community.

Hence, we’re working with Discourse and our internal teams to resolve the most serious issues within this month.

You can find a list of issues that we’ve resolved and still working on below:

Issues we’ve resolved:

:white_check_mark: We’ve re-enabled the profile avatars on the topic list again following @Russ_Thomas ’s request which also removes the big white space between the topic’s excerpt and the “replies/views/activity” columns .

:white_check_mark: The “Dismiss New” button in the New section no longer pushes the “replies/views/activity” columns’ titles out of alignment.

:white_check_mark: We’ve increased the “maximum consecutive reply” limit to 10 following @bionel’s request.

What’s new

:white_check_mark: Following @guy.mason ’s feedback, we’ve added subcategories boxes in the following categories to improve your navigational experience: Announcement & Update, Product Forums, and Feedback & Reviews

What we’re looking into

  • Allowing users the ability to turn on/off the Top Contributor side block individually from Users Preferences following many of your feedback.

  • Fixing TT Norms display/rendering issues for Headings & elsewhere (reported by @Russ_Thomas

  • [Code Formatting] Lack of indentations when using code blocks, reported by @kazurayam.

  • [Mobile] When navigating between pages, the footer appears first, leading some users to be confused thinking the site is being broken, reported by @kazurayam .

  • [Mobile] The search banner Welcome to Katalon Community is missing, resulting in a big chunk of white space at the top of the viewport, reported by @kazurayam.

  • Changing the notification levels for topics, tags and categories resulted in the button appearing white-ish, reported by @Russ_Thomas .

As we had a short window of time to prepare and re-launch the new Community site, hence, we didn’t get the chance to thoroughly test out the site on BOTH desktop and mobile; nor did we give our top contributors ample time to do so.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this might have caused in your workflow or experiences on the Community.

While we will be spending the following weeks resolving the above-mentioned issues, as well as any other bug that you have reported.

Moving forward, we’ll be posting weekly updates to keep you informed of all issues’ statuses. We hope to be able to work with you in the future to improve our Community further.


We are aware of the email notifications issues and have published a fix. If you encounter similar issues, please let us know below or drop us an email at

Once again, thank you very much and please keep the feedback pouring in! :+1:


@vu.le Thanks for the update.

I don’t see any mention of the leader board/Top Contributors list. I hope it will be removed soon.

Perhaps is this, but not sure how it will be addressed.

  • Allowing users the ability to turn on/off the Top Contributor side block individually from Users Preferences following many of your feedback.

I expect this to be resolved in the way that, the user should opt-in/opt out to be displayed in there, not just to turn it on/off from his side.

Hi there,

We are working with Discourse to explore either options. In the meantime, you can limit the amount of PMs received by ticking the “Hide my public profile and presence features” option within User Preference > Interface > Other so that whenever other users click on your avatar in the leaderboard, your profile will be hidden.

Please keep in mind that other members would still be able to PM you by inputing your username in the composer.

Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 15.03.27

This is how your profile will appear when someone clicks on your avatar.


I don’t need to hide my profile, unless that will remove me from the Top Contributors board.
I don’t mind to receive occasional PM’s, I simply don’t like to be displayed in that board, since that makes me a target for undesired PM’s.

LE: I just did what you suggested and I am still shown on the board.

Sorry if my previous comment was a bit unclear.

Your avatar would still be on the board, however, when another user clicks on it to bring up the user card, your information will be hidden (except for admins/moderators). I hope this helps :smile:

it does’nt help if the user can still see my username, and as you mentioned can use composer to type my name.
i simply don’t wan’t to be shown in that board.
@Russ_Thomas can you please do the same settinng so i can check how you are displayed? i have mortal user rights so it should be good enough to test this theory

As we suspected, this isn’t what we want to achieve.


:clap: It can’t be stated any clearer than that.

But at the risk of muddying the waters…

  1. It’s unseemly.

  2. I (perhaps all of us) don’t do this for accolades.

  3. You (Katalon Team) want the leader board to…
        Celebrate great products
        Celebrate the credence afforded you by influential users using those products

But the leader board creates something akin to a private club which is not inclusive but exclusive – which is not the approach members of the Katalon Team professed to me they wanted for this (new) community – it’s the complete opposite.

Also, personally, I think the leader board is intimidating to newbies. I don’t have or want the credence that my position on the leader board implies. I don’t want to be seen in that light. I’m only as good as the last post I made. I’m sometimes WRONG or not even close to right. That’s why I added the title “Katalon Veteran” instead of “Leader” or whatever it was (which I can no longer change since you took those permissions away, last time I looked).

If users want to view my stats and view my profile, that’s a willful act on their part. That’s completely fine.

Any perceived position in the community I may hold should be inferred not shoved down people’s throats. Having my stats in their face every time they scroll the page is overkill and in very poor taste. I don’t want to be part of it.

Every day I see my name up there, every day I see the list present on the forum, I cringe.

I’m done with this topic. I’m sick of talking about it. I don’t understand why it hasn’t been removed already. This is software, not hardware.

Please, PLEASE remove it.

As a side note, we also have the option to leave this community.
And, if that will be the last option for me, I would like to see that all my personal data is removed from your whatever resources, because GDPR.

… trust me, i know how to check such …

Thank you for sharing all of this honest and constructive feedback. We have established a list of bugs, enhancements, and updates which we are working on with the vendor. Completion depends on the work and complexity of the update. We are working on potential updates to the Top Contributors Board per your request. We acknowledge your concern and will keep you posted. Thank you.