[forum.katalon.com] It's just too noisy! 😠

I’m not sure how long it’s been since the site redesign, but I’ve given it some time before coming back and criticizing it again. I just wanted to wait and see, could I get used to it?

Answer: No. I can’t.

Here is another site using Discourse. This is how the Katalon forum used to look.

That’s a clean and uncluttered UI, and it’s very pleasant to use. But like the subject says, this site is just too noisy. Far too noisy. There’s too much text, especially all that noise on the right hand side with too many links. Let people search!!! You can’t put everything on the forum home page, but it seems that is what you’re trying to do.

Luckily for me, I don’t have to wait for anyone to agree and decide to do something about it. I’ll use Tampermonkey to display:none on every “noisy box” and leave the topic listing as the only useful, purposefully correct portion of the page in view.


@kazurayam I’ll drop the script here when it’s done.

Well that was quick. :nerd_face: Much cleaner and quieter…


Append this to the styles section at bottom:

div.hot-topic-container {

At the top, change the call to setup() to be a setTimeout – I notice that sometimes it take a couple refreshes to get the script to work:

  setTimeout(function() {
  }, 1500);

Hi Russ,

Thank you for your feedback. Let us see what we can do from our side to declutter the homepage’s UI as you have pointed out :+1:

Hi Russ.

Yes, of course. I use Tampermonkey as well.

Here is my Tampermonkey script which turns the https://forum.katalon.com/ much less noisy = far better usable.

// ==UserScript==
// @name         Hide Trending Topics in Katalon Forum
// @version      0.1
// @description as suggested by Russ_Thomas at https://forum.katalon.com/t/trending-topics-banner-does-not-render-titles-correctly/87066/5
// @match        https://forum.katalon.com/*
// @match        https://forum.katalon.com/*/*
// ==/UserScript==

(function() {
    'use strict';
    if(window !== window.top) return;
    var $ = window.jQuery, styBig, stySmall;

function insertStyles() {
    var style = `
/* Hide the custom search banner */
/* Hide the trending topics div */
div#ember9 h1, div#ember9 p {
div.hot-topic-container {
div#ember11, div#ember12 {
div.tc-right-sidebar {
div.consent_banner {
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="89762"]  td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="67591"]  td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="78531"]  td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="87264"]  td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="87970"]  td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="89118"]  td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="88349"]  td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="91038"]  td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="87756"]  td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="88550"]  td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="87765"]  td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="92374"]  td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="92712"]  td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="88539"]  td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="90872"]  td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="92984"]  td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="93099"] td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="93920"] td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="94351"] td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="94322"] td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="94517"] td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="94099"] td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="94133"] td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="95189"] td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="94627"] td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="93954"] td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="80889"] td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="95350"] td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="93118"] td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="93344"] td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id=""] td,
table > tbody > tr[data-topic-id="90872"] td {

@Russ_Thomas @kazurayam

I really don’t understand why do you guys style / hide stuff.
Simply remove them

(function() {
    'use strict';
    if(window !== window.top) return;

the only update i had to do recently was on emeber11, that id changed few weeks ago and i don’t remember what was in use before.
for the rest removing just works … and yeah, i have to update my script a bit to get rid off the ‘valuable info’ on the right also …

you may be worried by … removing the element breaks something else?
well, of-course, if such will happen, is another bug :smiley: poor implementation

“Light touch”. It’s a principle.

No mercy!
Another principle.
As end-user, I don’t care if something else breaks, will be poor design

@Russ_Thomas yotube may sue me if i share the original, but this is fine.
music for debugging sessions:

I have got accustomed to this whity view.

It looks odd but the oddity reminds me what I am looking at.

Hi folks,

We have enabled a classic “Light” theme on the forum which removes most of the bells and whistles that you may consider as cluttering the homepage.

You can select the theme by going to your User Preferences → Interface → Choose “Light” under Theme.

We are also working on making another theme that would be similar to our default one, but only removing the right sidebar blocks and a few other things. We will let you know when it becomes available. :+1:

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thx for this, looks by far better on my mobile device.