My Test case takes to much time to finish the automation test


I am using Katalon studio 7.2.1 in Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS.

I am facing the performance issue when I run my test case in any browser it takes to much time to finish all process, I have tried with Facebook and YouTube test.
Here I have attached the screenshot of the result of the Facebook test here you can see how much time it take to execute a few steps:

Here also attached the script which I used to test Facebook:



WebUI.setText(findTestObject(‘Page_Facebook log in or sign up/input_Password_email’), ‘’)

WebUI.setEncryptedText(findTestObject(‘Page_Facebook log in or sign up/input_Password_pass’), ‘hRSO6Ul6KUlWd6fylPINwA==’)‘Page_Facebook log in or sign up/input_Password_u_0_b’))‘Object Repository/Page_(50) Facebook/a_Home’))‘Object Repository/Page_(50) Facebook/div_Account Settings’))‘Object Repository/Page_(50) Facebook/span_News Feed preferences’))‘Object Repository/Page_(50) Facebook/a_Close’))‘Object Repository/Page_(50) Facebook/div_Account Settings’))‘Object Repository/Page_(50) Facebook/span_Log Out’))


Hi there,

Try to go to Project > Settings > Execution > Smart Wait and disable it. It attempts to wait for the page to be relatively static before continuing the execution, which may introduction extra execution time. This issue will be fixed in the upcoming releases.

We followed the solution which you suggested, it improved the execution time but still it’s time taking. We executed test case for a form which contains 19 input fields and it took 6-7 min in execution.
Any other suggestion to improve the performance?

Can you watch the “Console” tab while your test runs, to see which keywords are hanging? We need to get an idea of exactly which operations are taking the most time in order to provide solutions.

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Here I have attached the screenshot of console result, please look into the result, here you can find where it takes time: