Losing objects references when adding recorded steps


I think that I found a bug on Katalon v. 6.0.5
When we record new steps on an existing test step, or when we reorder the test steps in Manual editor, some steps are losing objects references causing the test to crash. We hence have to ressign all objects to tests steps affected by the bug. Thaht’s long. And annoying.
It may be related to the bug fixed on v. 6.0: " Fixed an issue on swipe command, losing objects references"

Katalon Studio v. 6.0.5 on Windows 10


This has been something that has occurred for a long time, since i started using katalon and that was around release of v5. Im not sure if its a bug or just how katalon is built ,i assume it is. Will be best to get one the KS devs to give you a proper awnser of whether its a bug or not.

If losing objects references but still displaying the objects names in the test case is the normal behavior… Then this is a very deceiving software :smiley:
IMHO, it definitely is a bug.
Any KMS guy around to help!?

Yes , it happens with me also I wish to get the solution for this issue

@devalex88 could you give any further information on this - it has been raised a few times now


Hi guys, I have the same issue.

This is really annoying and is something very basic.

If I record UI interactions, save it and later try to rename any object in the Object Repository, the test loses the reference.

In my case it’s losing the first part of the path.
For example, if I have the reference Object Repository/Web Pages/Salesforce/Subscription/a_FirstItem and rename it to say a_SelectFirstItem, then the reference in the test will become Web Pages/Salesforce/Subscription/a_SelectFirstItem.

It gets even worse if I rename a folder in the Object Repository, because then any reference objects under it will have their paths affected on the tests.

It generates a lot of manual work to fix it, and really wouldn’t work on something to automate fixing it up.

@Zarashima, do you know if there’s any plan to work on this? Thanks!

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@Alice please take a look.

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Hi @Alice, wondering if you have any news on this.


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This bug is getting worse with new versions… Now I am losing object references for aparently no reason.

Agreed. Every now and then I come across this.

We have noticed similar behaviour in Katalon Studio v. 6.2.1 (Windows 10)

Katalon does not seem to like the use of folders within the object repository:

Whenever steps are added through the web recording function, the script of the test case is overwritten in seemingly random places, removing references to folders from objects and elements and instead rerouting them to the repositories root.

This causes numerous false fails when running scripts.

Hi everyone, can you guys try 6.3.0 BETA which include a bug fix relating to this problem and see if the problem still resurfaces ?

Thanks !

After some quick initial tests with the 6.3.0 BETA the issue appears to be fixed.

We need to do more thorough/lengthy testing to be sure, though.

Thanks for the quick follow up!

After some more extensive testing, the issue was unfortunately observed again under a specific scenario:

When initially recording a new test case, the script shows that some object references are incorrect and missing specific folder names.

However, after manually correcting the faulty references they seem to hold their value even after recording additional steps.

Hopefully this helps further pinpointing the issue.

Hi, Can you elaborate more on this. Do the objects get saved into incorrect folders ? What is the scenario here.


During initial test case recording, objects are saved in the correct folders, but some of the references in the test script are incorrect and thus the objects aren’t found during test executions.

For example, the script should show this:

WebUI.click(findTestObject(‘Object Repository/Project A/Elements/OK_Button’))

But it actually shows this:


In this case the reference to the ‘Project A’ folder is missing, so the script attempts to find the ‘Elements’ folder in the root of the object repository, which results in a failed execution.

After manually adjusting the reference the script is executed as designed.

Do we have any update on this?

Not the most optimal fix, but CTRL+F and Find and replace can help fix them quickly.

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