Licensing confusion?

I had a question on the parallel sessions here

it says with business you get unlimited parallel sessions, so does this override your KRE licenses?? you only need 1 KRE and then have unlimited parallel sessions?

TestOps <> Katalon Studio (or KRE)

In my understanding, with a business licence for TestOps you can run as many session as you like in parallel (with the free licence you can have only one execution at a time)
However, for each session you need a valid KRE licence.

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I saw you liked my comment, so here my suggestion for the tech-writers guys developing the documentation:

  • be more explicit when describing the products you develop


  • an orchestrator is just as the name says, it can run anything, provided is properly set. which TestOps seems to be …
  • an executor/agent/worker is just as the name said, a machine wherever some stuff run (can be a physically machine or a vm)
  • katalon studio and kre are applications, can run on whatever environment supported, provided are used properly

HI @bionel,

Thank you for your suggestions. It would help our Technical Writing team do better. I already sent your suggestions to the team.

Any further suggestions/recommendations/sharings are welcome and you can reach me here on forum or my email