Katalon Runtime Engine licensing questions

I have 5-6 jobs running in Jenkins running v6.3.2 of KS, each job kicks off a test suite collection that launches 6 browser sessions.

How many licenses do I need to pay for the above setup?

Am I understanding that I need a license for each individual browser session?


Hello @jhowell

One working session of RE accounts for one process in Console mode. Based on your information, you only need 5-6 RE licenses to run your jobs in Jenkins.

Launching 6 browsers in a test suite collection is a normal practice when you can run your scripts across browsers. This is a built-in feature of Katalon Studio. Of course, we don’t count the number of licenses based on the execution of a test suite collection.

I hope this answer helps.


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If all the 6 Jenkins jobs are not running at the same time, he need only 1 licence rite for RE. ? He don’t need 5 - 6 RE licences ?


@musaffir.puthukudi from my understanding, yes, you need more licences if you run the jobs concurrently.
for running sequentially, only one is enough.


Sorry, to be crystal clear: if I’m running 6 browser sessions in a test suite collection, as apart of a single Jenkins job, do I still need 6 licenses? Or is that a single license per job?

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In this case you only need one license.

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@devalex88 i think the ‘parallel execution’ term creates here the confusion.
in my understandig this is reffering ro execute in parallel more than a single katalon thread (job) but not about running a test colection with parrallel suites/remote executions … perhaps the docs have to be a bit more specific.
you know, a devop mind may see stuff from a different angle compared with a tester mind.
doesn’t mean any of them are wrong, is just the perspective tricking the perception, even if looking at the same object
cc @ThanhTo and any in charge with doc updates … maybe @Jass


Couple more questions: do I need to buy additional licenses for ‘testing’ new jenkins jobs/tests? For example: I have 2 jobs (requiring 2 licenses) running X number of tests each job. If I wanted to created a job for a ‘dev’ jenkins job, testing some new configuration. Would I need to buy additional license in this scenario?

Second, how are licenses validated? Locally, or do I need to phone home to katalon at run time?

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Based on your information, you only need 5-6 RE licenses to run your jobs in Jenkins.

So 5 licenses for 5 test sessions is $245/month (or $2,940/year) what essentially an npm test or mvn test command does for free.

That is insane!

For a small organization that does rapid development and relies on pre-commit hook and release build testing, the turnaround time with a single license would be detrimental and purchasing multiple RE licenses would be a costly endeavor.

How does offline licensing work with distributed AWS ECS instances?


Alex, I think you need to commission someone to design a form:

If it takes care of all the variables (plus any quantity discounts) it will stop a ton of questions like this cluttering up the forum, polluting the KB and save everyone a lot of time.

@devalex88 @ThanhTo @duyluong @Jass


Alex, I’m currently currently licensing errors with this configuration (1 license to run 6 sequential jobs). Could you please clarify what’s happening here?

Actual: 400, Expected: 200
[2019-11-12T10:45:23.940] License quota exceeded.
[2019-11-12T10:45:23.940] Online activation for console mode failed.
[2019-11-12T10:45:23.940] Activation failed. Please make sure you are using a valid license.
[2019-11-12T10:45:23.941] All launchers terminated

@jhowell did you ever figure this out? IS this a test suite with 6 tests or 6 test suites?

I think I figured it out. I am able to run 6 jobs sequentially, each job containing 4-6 test suite collections (not test cases), with a single license.

We had 1 job in error, that was overlapping the sequential jobs, effectively using ‘2’ licenses, that caused the error.

The issue is though, it took a very long time for the licensing server/api to recognize that there were no jobs running before I could resume any of the jobs (somewhere around 1-2 hours), causing my confusion.

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Thank you for the feedback. We are deploying a new mechanism. Error jobs will hold license for at most 10 minutes.

Thanks @jhowell!

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The link for license calculator is broken, can you fix please

It’s not a real link. I fixed it by making it an image. Now when people fail to read the context and try to click it, they get an image. :roll_eyes:

How many Grid we can we setup in TestOps for a single KRE license(offline)?


A single KRE license amounts to an execution instance. Since you’re mentioning Grid, I guess you’re aiming for parallel executions. The number of KRE licenses required matches the number of parallel executions you want to have.