How many KSE and KRE licenses I need?

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I have 2 trial KS7 and thinking to go for enterprise licenses - I want to run our scripts in local(without CLI- as it would be just script development and testing) but we want to run scripts(only CLI) hosted Virtually(say UAT server).

So, my question is how many and what type of licenses we require?
We thought of going for 2 KS licenses(to work on scripts) and 1 KRE(installed on virtual). Is it possible to do like that?

Thanks in advance!!

Yes, you can purchase as many licenses of each type as needed. My suggestion, purchase as many KSE licenses as there are engineers that develop your scripts, and as many KRE licenses as the number of parallel executions of the scripts you need to to execute. Usually just KRE license one is enough, but if you have very large test beds, you may want more.

Hopefully this helps!

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Hi @raghatate.piyush

I think @Brandon_Hein’s advice is solid.

Additionally, you may want to figure out wether node-locked RE or DevOps RE is a fit for you.

The node-locked RE can work on virtual machines that are not dynamically controlled by Cloud platforms, i.e they don’t change their hardware specifications each time they’re used.

For Cloud-based VMs, you’d need DevOps RE which can be used through Docker and Jenkins.

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Hello everyone,

You’re recommended to read this announcement regarding the consolidation of both Katalon Runtime Engine DevOps and Floating licenses into one licensing offering, Floating .