License Quota expansion

I’m getting this error from automated Jenkins builds which are not running Katalon on a specific machine (pod generated)

License quota exceeded.",“trace”:"com.katalon.kit.exception.KaBadRequestException: License quota exceeded

How can I expand my license to have more instances running at the same time?

I found this thread: Build failed: license quota exceeded, Whitelabel Error Page

which @anhqle suggested:
"for online license, when you abort your build, Katalon TestOps will consider a license as “inactive” after 10 minutes. Please wait for 10 minutes and retry your build.

In case you want to terminate a session immediately, you can deactivate the machine in Registered Machines."

But this is not possible if these runs are triggered automatically and concurrently on different machines.

Hi @m.m.saafan,

In case you want to run concurrently on multiple machines, please consider purchasing more licenses.
As stated on our FAQ:

For node-locked licenses: The number of node-locked licenses to acquire is the higher amount between the number of machines and the number of maximum parallel sessions that you plan to execute. For example:
If you have 1 machine and want to run 3 parallel sessions on the same machine, you’ll need 3 licenses.

If you have 5 machines and want to run 1 execution session per machine at a time, you’ll need 5 node-locked licenses.

For Floating licenses : The number of licenses is equal to the maximum number of parallel execution sessions at a time in Docker or Azure DevOps.