Getting invalid license error in Jenkins using KRE (quota exceeded)

[2019-11-12T10:13:56.963] License quota exceeded.
[2019-11-12T10:13:56.963] Online activation for console mode failed.
[2019-11-12T10:13:56.963] Activation failed. Please make sure you are using a valid license.

I have 6 jenkins jobs running sequentially, one after another. I was told this was possible using your licensing model. Is that not the case? Very frustrating.

Hi. Sorry for the inconvenience. How many machines were the RE running on? The number of unique machines must be <= the number of licenses. Also, was any RE terminated prematurely (e.g. by Ctrl-C)?

You can manage all session at<your_organization_id>/license_keys/engine (Go to Organization > Licenses > Runtime Engine). At this time there is one running.

hehe … the dark side of online activation. now let’s talk GDPR …

@devalex88 @ThanhTo
i had this in mind since a previous topic (which was forced to gdpr subject and i reject it as not being relevant).
but now i think it is time to discuss it a bit.
from the above, i understand you looked into the active threads related to the given licence.
and this is fine.
which means once a license is activated, it is handled to the katalon team a bunch of private/sensitive data.
which is also fine, one principle of gdpr is fulfilled here (the user consent) at the registration time.
what is not clear from the licensing terms is … how this data is protected?
i am trying to find relevant statements into the docs which may give confidence for an EU user but cannot find something ‘rock solid’
you know … gdpr people are paranoid. but this is enforced in EU …

The data sent is only for counting the number of licenses being used. This is a common practice.

An alternative is to generate offline licenses that lock to machines for a period of time, but that will limit the ability to share licenses in a team.

Another alternative is to deploy an offline license server, but that option is only for volume purchase.

Of course we will remove all data upon requests.

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