Machine quota exceeded for Katalon Studio Activiation

Good Mroning,

I am currently having problems with my KSE licensing and Machine IDs.
I recently had four machines with 2 licenses (1 Laptop, 3 Desktops) The two licenses are shared between the testers depending on who needs the license for Jira and Test Ops integration. Otherwise, we can build tests through Katalon without a license.

Today when I started Katalon I got booted out due to Machine quota exceeded this also happened on all machines.

I went online to Katalon TestOps and checked my Active Licenses which are sitting at 2 so I am not logged in anywhere. I checked my Machine IDs and I had 4 machine Ids for all my devices… Initially, I deleted one of the machine IDs to see if that would solve the problem but it didn’t. (Keep in mind I’ve been using these devices for a while) … this leaves me with 3 machine IDs and 2 licenses.

I am not sure what is causing this problem despite being logged out everywhere and only having 3 machine IDs (The number I had last week when everything was working)

Im not sure if this helps but I was trying to use Jenkins on one of the machines before this issue occured… but when I go onto TestOps → Licenses → Run Time Engine it says I have no licenses

Hi. Sorry for this inconvenience. Could you please try removing all the machines and activating KSE again?

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Thank you! This solved the issue I was having…

So is there a bug in removing the machine ID when I deactivate from the Katalon Studio interface or will I have to remove all machine IDs everytime I want to recalculate which machines are actually using the 2 licenses?

Thank you for letting me know. In this case please make sure that the number of machines is always <= 2.

Did you deactivate by navigating to the account menu on KS and select “Deactivate”?

Thank you, I’m now able to fix the issue if it happens again.

To fix the issue I had gone through Katalon TestOps on the web and went to

Organizations -> Licenses -> Registered Machines

(For others seeing this, being a TestOps admin user isn’t enough to view the Licenses section of TestOps. You need to be the owner of the TestOps Project or have granted the access to see these options)

After removing all the machine IDs from the list I was able to login to Katalon on my desktop which then re-added the ID back to the Registered Machines on TestOps. I also saw that the machine was now using one of the two licenses.

It didn’t seem to work when I removed the Machine ID that was causing the problem but I was able to resolve it by removing them all. Also, note that none of the licenses were in use, I will be now sure to maintain <= X IDs per X Licenses and switch when required through TestOps. :slight_smile:

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I think what might have caused the issue is that I put two desktops to sleep (would this be using 2/2 licenses at this point while the PCs are logged out/asleep?) and then I tried to login with the same account on a different machine without realizing the machine was asleep. After I noticed this I made sure all desktops/laptops that had a katalon machine ID associated to them were deactivated before trying to login with a machine whose ID was on the list and it still wouldn’t work. I then removed them all and it worked.