License quota exceeded

Hi Team,

We have license for KSE till June-21. But still we are unable to login into Katalon studio. All team members are facing this issue
Could you please look into the issue ASAP and provide the resolution?


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Hi Sdhongadi

“License Quota exceeded” means the number of machines on which you’re using Katalon Studio exceeds the number of licenses that you have. The below section will guide you on how to remove a registered machine ID.

  1. Log into Katalon TestOps with your Katalon account.
  2. Select the Organization that grants you permission to use the license.
  3. In the License Management panel, depending on which license in use, select Katalon Studio Enterprise or Katalon Runtime Engine.
  4. In the Licenses screen view, scroll down to the Registered Machines area and remove at least one machine ID or all machine IDs. Please try activating again and let me know if it works?

Katalon Studio Enterprise and Runtime Engine licenses include basic helpdesk support for error reports, feature suggestions, and license inquiries. Please visit our Help Center for ticket submission, Katalon’s support team will use commercially reasonable efforts to reproduce and response to the tickets.


Thank you for your Response!
We are now able to login but only 2 people are able to login at the same time and third person is getting ‘License Quota exceeded’ error