KSE and RE 7 license question

We are evaluating KSE for API testing. AUT is used to create VM and on top creates additional services.
API testing and maybe in future along with UI testing for verification.

I have below list of questions, can you please provide your inputs:

  1. We are looking for team work initially with team of 5 users creating test cases. How many / type licenses you suggest.
  2. What if we have multiple user creating test cases on only one machine at same time. Is it possible, if not what you suggest?
  3. Does KSE comes with runtime engine?
  4. If we want to run 10 API parallel test cases using test suites collection, will one runtime license can fulfill our requirement?
  5. If we want to run multiple API and UI parallel test cases, how many runtime license are required?
  6. Can we use the KSE for creation of test cases while the test cases are running?
  7. Can KSE be used for CICD or do we explicitly need RE for that.
  8. Are the JIRA and Jenkins plugin paid and how much it costs each.
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For questions like this, you might get better results sending an email to business@katalon.com

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