is katalon studio enterprise required for katalon runtime engine?

Hi, I would like to know if it is necessary to acquire the katalon studio enterprise license to use the katalon runtime engine, I need the latter for integration with azure devops


As far as I know, if you only need to integrate KRE with ADO, you just need KRE License. Please follow this document for instruction!

Thank you!

Hello thank you very much,

But can I create the tests with katalon studio free? and buy the KRE license, or should I have KRE and Katalon studio enterprise?


Yeah you can create tests in KS free during trial time.

This would confuse @juan.rubio.

What happens to him when the trial time expires? Does he need to purchase the Enterprise license then?

Thanks for your clarification. KS offers both free and paid version, the difference is that the paid one will include more functions. Therefore, if the poster needs to create complicate test cases/suites and enhance his/her experience, he/she needs KSE license. Otherwise, using KS free with simple test cases and KRE license to integrate with ADO should be fine. Hope this can be clear enough. Thank you again!

Reference about the difference between KS and KSE!

The document seems trying to confuse new commers by hiding the basic information.

I want to add the following row into the table included in that page.

Component Features Description KS KSE
Creating and Running Test Manual Script Authoring. Record and Playback. You can do it as much as you can :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:

Thank you very much for the help and clarifications.