KRE and KSE licences for CI/CD pipeline?

Hi all
can anybody running Katalon as part of a CI/CD pipeline tell me how it works in practice please?
We run Azure DevOps in house and not integrating our pipeline with Katalon automated tests currently.

I currently have a KSE licence and if I buy one RE licence how will this integrate with the build process? When the test step is triggered, the RE will try to call my licence of KSE? I need KSE for scripting and it is not available 24/7, unlike the build process that could happen anytime… do I therefore need to pay for an additional KSE licence, used simply for DevOps execution?
I’m afraid the licensing documentation has confused me and by the number of posts I’m hopefully not the only one! Thanks in advance, Dan


The Runtime Engine license is needed for CI/CD. KSE license is for KSE, so it doesn’t affect your CI/CD pipeline if you also develop tests at the same time using KSE.

RE and KSE are two separate products, they do not depend on one another for usage. Hopefully it clears up.

@ThanhTo - Thanks, that’s cleared it up now - I was getting a bit confused by the DevOps plugin vs RE and node-locked vs floating! Cheers Dan

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