KRE: changing the TestOps license server url


I have a KRE in an offline server that can connect to our TestOps server (in premise). The issue is that KRE doesn’t connect to our url, it connects to Where can I change that, knowing that I don’t have KSE installed in that machine?

Thanks in advance


You need to change add serverUrl and apiKeyOnPremise parameter:
-serverUrl=[your on-premise server] -apiKeyOnPremise=[your api key here]

Hi duyluong,

I tried the following: >katalonc.exe -serverUrl=[my on-premise server and port] -apiKeyOnPremise=[my api key]

but I got an exception:

Do you know what could go wrong?

Thanks in advance

Please try with this:

katalonc.exe -serverUrl=... -apiKey=...


Now is throwing a FileNotFound Exception due to access denied of the .fileTableLock. Do you know what is the mechanism? Just to understand what do I have to ask security for.

Thanks in advance

Hi @spr2019
Please share the execution log.

  • You should run command line with administrator mode (Run as administrator)
  • Or grant read and write permission of Katalon Studio install folder to your account.
  • Or move Katalon install folder under your user home.