KRE and KSE Licenses not working

Hi Katalon Team,

We are a team of three testers and have been using Katalon for the automation of our tests since October 2018.

We bought 3 node-locked KSE and KRE licenses on 12/15/2020, the owner created an organization called Open bee, he invited us using our professional email addresses that are already used for the trial period and then assigned us a KRE license and KSE license.

Each user was able to log in to their own account and activate both licenses.

Everything was fine until we faced this problem when launching the tests in CLI mode today:

Also, by connecting to KSE, we get this message:

And by checking the testops katalon , we found 0 valid licenses of KRE and KSE

Why is it marked that we do not have valid licenses even though they are paid?
How we can resolve this problem because our tests are blocked and we should fix this issue as soon as possible?

@ThanhTo @devalex88 @duyluong @Russ_Thomas we need your help .

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Can you provide screenshots of the organization Open bee which have the license ? The organization should add the user emails into list of Registered Users.


Another screenshot :

@ThanhTo help please

@ThanhTo @devalex88 @duyluong @Russ_Thomas we are blocked , we need your help

@ThanhTo we really need your answer , it’s very urgent ! We are blocked in this case.


The above sreenshots are of Katalon Studio Enterprise licenses.
To use CLI mode, please provide the screenshot of Katalon Runtime Engine or Katalon Runtime Engine DevOps tab

This is the sceenshot of Katalon Runtime Engine :

Another one for online licenses , but as you see there is no valid license , we have only the IDS of registered machines :
In the above image, your organization Katalon runtime licenses number is 0. I think you should provide Katalon Runtime Engine DevOps screenshot.

We don’t have Katalon Runtime Engine DevOps , we just bought KRE and KSE licenses

Please note that I am from Katalon development team (not the business team) so I cannot check your licenses. I will contact the sales team for this case.

Hi @duyluong please notice that we didn’t buy the Engine DevOps , we just bought the KRE and KSE licenses , the problm here that we runned our tests successfully and the number of KRE and KSE was marked 3 Lics on TestOps


Please confirm that your org bought 3 KSE licenses + 3 KRE licenses?

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Yes , 3 KSE + 3 KRE

@Brandon_Hein @Hanh_Tran could you please check our problem above, @N.CHIKHAOUI

I sent this discusstion to the business team. They will help to check your licensing issue.

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Ok thanks for your help

ok , thank you


This is the message from our business team:

On Recurly it shows their payment on Dec 15 was not successful, thus their subscriptions were revoked after 7 days. I’ve informed them to repurchase via email. Please help answer on the forum. Thanks!

Our business team has sent an email to your business email.