Cannot connect to Katalon TestOps server issue running KRE from command line

Hello there, as I mentioned in the title.
I need to test everything before I can get permission for buying the KRE. I’ve created new account to get the trial licence and as it is described I should get that as far as I understood.

Then I’m trying to run the tests suite from command line with the admin rights, I have -apiKey defined and I also defined the proxy settings (everything works fine under Katalon Studio 6.3.3) but after running the command I get the “Cannot connect to Katalon TestOps server”.

Does anyone can help me with that?



Hi there,

Please provide the full console log. Also,

You mean you included the proxy arguments in the command line right ? KSE and RE are two separate products so they don’t share the same proxy settings. Please refer to the doc:

Also, just to be sure, you should type the proxy arguments by hand, as copying and pasting from text editors may carry invisible and illegal characters which may cause the proxy configuration to not be accepted.

Ok, one more thing.
I ran this locally, where I am not hidden by the proxy and it is working perfect.

Are you sure that you pass the proxy settings during the connection to and

I was fighting with this proxy some time ago passing the second factor oauth and I found that not every request running from the KS IDE extends the proxy settings passed in the app.



Hi, thanks for reply.

Command I use below:
katalonc -noSplash -runMode=console -projectPath="C:\LocalData\GIT\AuthService\katalon_authentication_service\AuthenticationService.prj" -retry=0 -testSuitePath="Test Suites/authentication_ddt_test" -executionProfile="default" -browserType="Web Service" -apiKey="************" -g_grantType="**********" -g_username="**********" -g_password="*************" -g_uiUsername=************ -g_uiPassword=******** -summaryReport -reportFolder="C:\LocalData\Report" --config -proxy.option=MANUAL_CONFIG -proxy.server.type=HTTP -proxy.server.adress="*****.****.***.com" -proxy.server.port="8080"

And console log print:

That’s it.

Can you help?


Hi @rchomicki

Try to send a request and provide the response (curl) through the proxy with these information:

to to confirm that the request passes through the proxy. I’d suggest involving the IT department for the proxy set up and ask if the and the store page are whitelisted.

Hi curl request and the response below:

Could you be a little bit more specific how the curl request you want should look like?

Case closed there was a typo in address, was adress on the bamboo execution.