Katalon update destroyed my existing cases

Katalon update destroyed my existing cases and now I have lost 2 months of work. This product is bad

Are you sure? Try searching the hard drive for the project you were working on previously. Because Katalon saves configuration and exe files in a folder different than the one with test cases.


Laura fabricius said:

Katalon update destroyed my existing cases and now I have lost 2 months of work. This product is bad

It’s suggested and informed from our guide that project should not be stored in the SAME location of Katalon Studio folder:

Choose the location for your test where you have all Read & Write permission. Don’t store your projects in the Katalon build folder.

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@Laura fabricius I am sorry to hear that. Could you please provide more information on the issue? Where did you save the project? Is there any backup? and how did you notice that the project lost?

I cannot believe I’ve also just came across the same issue - in the past I have been downloading the latest version separate. On this day I upgraded using the app and all my work is gone (2.5 months worth of work). I’m in a serious panic state - any suggestions?

@mdu_kay7 as previously answered (in november 2018) please don’t panic and let’s collect more info.
how and where din you installed/upgraded katalon?
where was your project stored in relationship with katalon installation folder?
honestly i never meet this isue, and i did plenty stooooopid mistakes.
so, calm down, take a deep breath and help us to help you …

Katalon was is running from my C:\Katalon and my project is in side that folder (C:\Katalon\MyProject). This was the first time updating katalon via the app (Help -> check updates). Usually I download the latest version and unzip the file to the C:\Katalon. The funny thing is that after doing the update all my test case folder are still there, but empty - so basically all my folder structure was maintained but no files inside. Even the report folders now has empty folders. I’ve decided to run a file recovery software - when it’s complete this morning I’ll be able to give feedback (crossing my fingers)

bad idea. for further, keep the projects separately.
now … fingers crossed that recovery works.
also, you can dig inside the katalon installation folder, i think during any update it will backup the current installation into a certain folder (not sure, i never use update feature, always fresh install, but worth to check)

I’ve managed to recover my files although some are corrupt but the damage is not that bad - should take me a week to be back on track…sigh. Lesson learnt. Thanks

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