Each time there is a new update for Katalon, everything is wiped in Katalon

When a new update comes out, as soon as I open the application, i’m presented with a Log in screen, and then after that 5 pages of the Quickstart guide. All the Projects that I had are cleared, and so are all of the test cases. As if I did a fresh install, (Even if I didn’t choose to update)

The Only solution is to re-import them back in one at a time.

Using Mac version of Katalon.

You likely need to separate the Katalon Studio Project Folders from the Katalon Studio Application Folders, in order to avoid upgrades from affecting your projects…

(e.g. PC Windows Deployment)

Katalon Studio Application Folders
C:\Katalon Studio\Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-5.4.2\…

Katalon Studio Project Folders
C:\Katalon Studio\\

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It happened to me as well on Mac. Is there anything about this in the documentation? There was no any warning message about this. It is just ridiculous


This is ridiculous. I do have the katalon application and projects separated… so I’m glad I still have my projects… but as for all the time I spent customizing Katalon… ugh.


Our support team is interested in distributing this in the company but when it was found that the program tries to write to the c:/Program Files/Katalon Studio directory, their response was:

Sounds like they dont follow Microsoft standards for building applications. The app belongs in Program Files*. Writable files should be in ProgramData.The vendor needs to correct this before we can put it in production.

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