Project lost after updating to 7.0.4

So today I updated using the check updates builtin feature and after a successfully update all my files were deleted (lost my whole project 2.5 month worth of work). The funny thing is that all the folders I created are still there with no file. So the whole project structure is maintained but work is lost. Anyone knows how I can recover my files? :frowning_face:


do you know what is git or github, there all your files are in save and github is free
don’t know how to recover lost files, sorry

Wish I had read your post before I updated. I’ve just lost all my files from the update too. I have no idea how to recover them.

I managed to get some of my work back after the IT Technical team ran some recovery software on my hdd. Although some script files can back corrupt but at least I did not start from scratch. My advice is try running some file recovery software. All the best

my advice is, don’t store your projects inside katalon instalation folder.
and yeah … use certain VCS tool