Auto upgrade wiped out all my projects stored in the katalon folder

Since I started using Katalon last September I keep all my projects in a folder \Katalon\projects\ .After I used the auto updater on two machines I now see that the project folder structures exist but ALL the contents have been deleted!!! Luckily I was able to use the Previous version restore in File Explorer. This folder doesn’t exist in the installation so the upgrader shouldn’t be deleting files in it. I have moved my projects to another folder now.

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Upvoted. Any software that destroys user data is a **Category 1 Critical Failure.

**Which means “fix now” and uplift a patch in most organizations.What does @Katalon Team say?
@David It’s probably not a good idea to store anything in an app’s installation folder, but still, you’d expect it not to blindly empty out folders it doesn’t recognize. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how Katalon’s update code works:

get list of all subfolders
for each subfolder
delete *
copy new files


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