Katalon Trial and Free Plans

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Can I get the features like Object Spy and Object repository on free version?

Free trial version(katalon studio 7.x) is a joke… even the basic features like 'Debug, Run from here, etc ’ are disabled… Good bye Katalon… :frowning:

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Agreed with Roshin, the free trial version of katalon studio is like a rubbish, cannot do anything with it.

I’d rather using others license tool than paying for katalon.

Where is their commitment to community?
I remember about their owner, KMS has said about the contributor to tester community

And now what we got?


Seriously…!! How can they remove Debug. I’ve used Katalon since early 2017 and can’t believe they removed such basic feature. Good Bye Katalon.


Very True … Katalon Free version does not support MS SQL server connection :frowning: What …

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Selenium is still Best! I started using Katalon and want to connect to MS SQL server to execute some Test case … I got error Please upgrade to Enterprise version !!! Phew … Will use Katalon for GUI automation and Selenium for DB testing. Have to maintain 2 Frameworks now :frowning:

so what we get for free version ?

We were already using the free version but are interested in trying the trial licences. This article says that the trial is automatically activated when Katalon is first installed. How do existing users activate the trial licences please?

Hi @jeremy.harris

Each Katalon account registered with a business email is eligible for a 30-day trial of both Katalon Studio Enterprise and Katalon Runtime Engine. If you already have a Katalon account with your personal email, I recommend you to create a new one with your work email.

Happy Testing


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Hi, i am currently in the 30 day trial of Enterprise. IS there a way to downgrade to the free version, so that i can check the differences? Or do i have to wait until the 30 days expire?

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You can create a different acount using a personal email (gmail, yahoo) and activate katalon with such acount. Should not be eligible for a trial period.
Or wait until trial expire.

Hi Devs,

17-03-2021 11-55-23 AM
I have problem running the Katalon CLI, I am using the trial KRE licence to run the Katalon suite from the Windows command line, once I execute it asks me to setup the licence. I am using the offline licence then I have attached the KRE .lic file. after attaching that with my machine id it still shows me error in the console saying ‘invalid licence’. attaching some of the screenshots here.

you still get that features , mine has expired but still work with those features

Hi @Jass,
I want to know about Free License says “Currently, the free license for Katalon Runtime Engine is not available.” , it means if I want to use KRE , it should be subscribe a Katalon Runtime Engine license
even though i am already had created a trial KRE license?

Your trial KRE license will expire in a month after start.
At the end of trial period, you would be asked if you are willing to pay for it or not.
If you are not willing and leave it, then the trial license will simply expire.

Does exist some way to execute some test cases daily on free license?

Do you mean you want to run your test as scheduled without human to start it?
Do you ask if you can run Katalon Studio Free plan in command line without GUI?

No. You can not. You need to purchase a license of Katalon Runtime Engine.

A good news is that you can run Katalon Recorder in command line, which is free

However please note that KR is not integrated with Git. You might find KR is not well fitting for team. See

Yes, that is what I mean.

Could you please detail me which plan/s should I buy in case I want to “run my tests as scheduled without human to start it”?

I’m looking at “https://www.katalon.com/pricing” But it is not clear which option allows me to scheduling my Test Suits to run automatically (without human to start it)

Which product do you prefer Katalon Recorder vs Katalon Studio?

If you choose Katalon Recorder, OK, it’s free. You don’t need any payable license.

If you choose Katalon Studio, then you need to purchase Katalon Runtime Engine to run you test automatically without human