Katalon studio enterprise is not open source or free?

Please help me!!

Is this open-source or free software ??

As we are planning to start automation with Katalon.

I have installed the software and it’s showing me that license will be expired on 5 Jan 2020.

So after the license is expired we need to buy the license to continue working with it?

Hey @aakash.paliwal,

Katalon Studio Enterprise(KSE) is not free but Katalon Studio(KS) is. KSE is just a version which has more features activated but KS is still a perfectly good Version to use! I would suggest you to look up the Website which Features you are going to lose and which not, so you dont get used to things you wont have any more :smiley:

Or maybe just use a non Work-Email(gmail or so) for your Katalon Account because then you dont get Auto-activated the Trial version of Katalon

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How should I download it - It is only allowing me to download enterprise version.
Any url or link ?

It doesnt depend on the Version you have downloaded, it depends on which account you use when logging in in KS. When you click on the Profile Icon on the top right in KS you can press deactivate and then log in with a different Account… This way you downgrade form KSE to KS


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Thank you!!

I am uninstalling KS as it is of no use for me now.

No Problem,

May I know which features would you be missing from KSE?

In the link you can find every diference.

Sumary: can not connect to sql server data and can not use debug mode… (unusable)