Switching from Katalon Studio Enterprise to Katalon Studio

I am trying Katalon Studio and I got an Enterprise trial version.
What are the differences between Enterprise and free version ?
Is it possible to switch to the free version before the end of the trial ?
Thank you in advance

For the duration of the trial period, KS is KSE. Once the trial period has ended, KSE becomes KS.

No, because they are not two separate products. The difference happens when authorization and validation occurs during startup. When the authorization system detects you have no license for KSE, the KSE features are not enabled.

@AntoineR you can create another katalon account using a ‘non-business’ email address (gmail, yahoo etc).
From the doc, such accounts are not eligible for enterprise trial so you will get only the free features when you activate katalon.
Or just wait until the trial expire.