Trial and paid subscription in Katalon

Welcome to the first post in the series of Katalon Orientation. :wave:

There are several common questions from users asking about using Katalon products (KS, KRE, Katalon Forum, Katalon Academy, …). In this post, we will help to clarify on 3 following questions:

  • What’s included in my 30-day trial?
  • What happens when my trial ends? What’s included in a free account?
  • Can I subscribe to a mix of free and paid subscriptions at the same time?

1/ What’s included in my 30-day trial?

Once successfully verified and activated, these are what all new Katalon accounts will have access to: Katalon Platform 3,500 Monthly Test Results 5 Platform Users 5 Active Projects Katalon Platform Licenses 1 Katalon Studio Enterprise 1 Katalon Runtime Engine 5 TestCloud sessions/parallel tests 1,000 visual testing checkpoint images/month Katalon Standalone 1 Katalon Studio Enterprise 1 Katalon Runtime Engine

2/ What happens when my trial ends? What’s included in a free account?

You’ll be reverted to a Katalon Free account and a Katalon Studio Free subscription. Katalon Free comes with: 2,000 Test Results 5 Platform Users 3 Active Projects If you’ve used up your test results or any of the above, you’ll have to upgrade to paid options.

3/ Can I subscribe to a mix of free and paid subscriptions at the same time?
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Hope you enjoy your experience with Katalon in Testing. :heart_eyes:


Let me ask a question for clarification.

Does Katalon Runtime Engine check if the given test was created using Katalon Studio Free or Paid?

If KRE found that the given test was created using Katalon Studio Free, would KRE quit immediately without running the test?

If yes, what sort of message will KRE display when it quits due to a license issue?

I guess, KRE wouldn’t quit.

You, @Elly_Tran, meant that Katalon legally does not permit users to run tests created via Katalon Studio Free if they are to run them via KRE. Am I right?

I can not try to see this as I do not have a KRE license.

Hi @kazurayam,

Thanks for your question. Technically, the Katalon Studio will allow you to create and run the tests via KRE. However, KS will limit you with the advance features or functions of KSE (see here) you might need to use for your test. Besides, if you’re working for a company and using the free version it will be conflicted with our License Agreement. The free version is just only work for individuals (freelancers, students, etc.). Hope this helps.

I found, this agreement document is titled “LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR KATALON RECORDER”. This seems to be not a document for Katalon Studio product.

Do you have other document “… FOR KATALON STUDIO”?

Or does the word “KATALON RECORDER” represents all of your products including Katalon Studio, TestOps, Katalon Runtime Engine?

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@Elly_Tran wrote:

This seems to be wrong information. Would you, or Elly, correct the previous post?

Thanks @kazurayam for bringing this to our attention. You’re correct. Please see this document Legal Terms | Katalon as our licenses. Also, apology for my previous comment, number 3 is not fully correct to be publicly viewed. I will remove it now and update with new information soon.

You should have some Kudos points available, you can use them to buy a temporary licence :slight_smile:

  • 375 3-month usage of KRE (Katalon Runtime Engine)

So if you apply for KRE only licence, will be the perfect setup to check the case in discusion, you develop testcases still using KS free and attempt to run them with KRE.

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Are you going to keep this document title as is?

Unfortunatelly, this seems to be not applicable as a real bussiness use case.
From what I can see on the pricing page at:

With Premium offering, you can buy as many KRE licences as you like (or none) but you cannot buy only KRE (at least one KSE licence is required, you cannot set it to 0).
So, the previous answer from @Elly_Tran is somehow correct … but incomplete.
The limitation does not came from the KRE himself, but from the pricing schema.
Anyway, I suppose, working in a team, the minimum schema will be to buy only one KSE for the project owner (which will be waste of money IMHO) and only one KRE for CI execution (or as many as needed depending with the jobs to be executed concurently), and all other team members will develop tetscases using KS free.

So, the right answer may be ‘for at least one member of the team, full package is needed, premium being the minimum’

As we are moving to the whole platform, the license agreement has been revised to fully reflect the transition. Katalon Recorder is an independent product and now is under a progress to be a part of Katalon Platform. Hence its license agreement stands separately as of now. Hope this explains the title. Thank you for the feedback.