Katalon Studio vs Katalon Studio Enterprise

We are a startup looking to use Katalon Studio for testing. The intention is to become an enterprise user however in current corona climate this may not happen for a good few months as our client pipeline has been push back. Therefore in the interim we intend to use the free version on a single machine until we establish a good paying user base.

The question we have is currently as a new user we are automatically on the enterprise trial version and there is not option to downgrade to the free version. If I try to deactivate my profile I am presented with the authorization box and if I click cancel the app is closed.

Is it possible to downgrade immediately?

I’ve read in another thread that after the trial period it will downgrade automatically, is this correct?

If it does downgrade automatically what are the key differences between enterprise and free version? We don’t want to commit and build tests only to be removed after the trial period. I’ve seen the comparison page but doesn’t say much. For example the key item we need is Web UI testing and recording with access to different test suites. Is this available in the free version?

Many thanks in advance.

No, sorry. The trial period has been extended, too, due to Covid-19.


The differences are basically about the IDE’s functionality. Nothing you write in a Test Case is affected.

You can check the differences here: