Katalon themes are not working



I have downloaded 6.3.1 version and Dark theme doesn’t work at all. It asks me to restart Katalon to take full effect of Dark theme but after restart, it again coming back with light theme. But light theme also doesn’t work. Shows colours which are very very light and not readable


Hi @Bhawna_Rani,

Please go to “Preferences/Groovy/Editor” and press “Copy Java Color Preferences” button at the bottom of the Editor View then press “OK”.



Thanks @duyluong I think it was happening because ‘Enable theme’ checkbox was not checked. In my opinion, this option in settings should be checked by default if theming options ‘Light and Dark’ are available to user.

This exactly happened with me, I started checking themes how they look like, then realized everything broken regards to font appearance. Then I went to preference settings and check the Enable theme checkbox. Then light theme works fine atleast.