Katalon Studio version 6.3.0 with dark theme

Hi all,

Starting from version 6.3.0, Katalon Studio will support Dark theme in addition to the default Light theme.

Download Katalon Studio 6.3.0 (Beta) and try now! Any feedback or suggestions are welcomed!

Happy testing!


I changed my mind. :exploding_head:

I prefer the light theme, after all. :grimacing:


After using dark theme, just thinking it was a mistake to vote yes for dark theme.



Thank you very much for this dark theme. I love dark themes, in general. I use them on Windows 10, macOS and in all my IDEs (Eclipse, IntelliJ, PyCharm) but I daresay that is too ealy for a dark theme for Katalon Studio.

Let me explain a bit. It looks gorgeous in general, but there are several texts, items and even functionality that is not well designed for this dark theme and need a litle rework:

  1. Texts on preferences dialog, for instance, are black over a very dark background, so it’s hard to read them, there is a lack of contrast.
  2. Spin and eye items on Job Progress dialog could be a good sample of items that don’t look fine with dark theme
  3. Arrows on keywords are invisible with dark theme, also disabled steps are indistinguishable from those which are active.

Just a few samples after a quarter of an hour playing with the IDE.

Afterall, a great start. I hope this dark theme continues evolving.

Thank you very much.



Sorry to say, it’s pretty much unusable right now.

Fact is, successful dark themes are not easy to achieve. There are levels of attenuation required to lessen abrupt contrast changes not yet evident in this design.

A UI allowing alterations would be a nice addition along with less reliance on platform primitives (like scrollbars, dropdowns, etc.).

But keep at it. It’s showing good promise.


Thank you everyone. It indeed needs improvements. It will get better when we finish migrating to the latest Eclipse RCP. For now it would be great if you can leave a note in Bug Reports when you think something does not look right.


I personally messed with the color settings and since I already know where most things are, I am able to use Dark Theme. Yea, there are areas where the font is just not visible at all, but it really is a minor inconvenience. I have been using/loving the new black theme.


Perhaps you could post a Tips & Tricks article so others can follow your solution.


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When this version will be released?

@jjunior It should be released next week.


My Scripts are not all working on this version. It is getting suspended all the times. This was never a problem on the previous version 6.2.2. I already quoted the errors on the beta version on july 3rd but no one looked upon. Here is the snapshot of the error. I am going back to 6.2.2. Thanks!

how i can modify the font color?
Black on Black is not visible

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Looks like a bug to me, just raise a seperate ticket under bug reports for dev to see

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