IDE background color change




Is it possible to change the background color of the katalon studio IDE from white to black (Dark Theme) ?

Dark theme
How to enable Dark theme?
Dark theme - IDE
Try to enable theming but checkbox geting reset.
How to write Katalon Studio tests with IntelliJ IDEA and other IDEs

This would be great


@“Vinh Nguyen” is this option being considered in a future release (or maybe even the next one :# ) ?


I can’t wait! Please do it!! My eyeballs are burning! haha




Soooooooooooo…? :slight_smile:


I would love it!


I’d looove this feature to save my eyes.


Now in 5.4.0 but the checkbox not working.


A dark theme would indeed be excellent…


This would be great


Upvoted – the light theme is hard to look at for an extended period of time.

It seems you can change a lot of the text colours in Preferences > Java > Editor > Syntax Coloring and can change the background colour in Preferences > General > Editors > Text Editors. I tried to create a darker theme this way, but couldn’t figure out how to change the colour of the main text.


I would love to have it.




Upvoted too


Dark theme would be amazing!


Dark theme. Yes please. :slight_smile:


Dark theme!


dark theme like Intelij


upvote. I need dark theme!