Using Katalon Studio in Dark theme

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Hi Folks, my latest version of Katalon is not allowing me to enable the Dark Theme, do you have this characteristic inactive on latest versions? Please advice.

I can not see the option Dark Theme on my Katalon instance as you can see on the following screen:

Then when I activate it through Katalon Studio - Preferences - Appearance - Enable theming (requires restart)

Click on Apply

I restart the Katalon instance and the option is unchecked and never see the option to change Dark Theme

Could you please let me know what I am doing wrong?

Please make sure you had downloaded the 6.3.0 beta version from

Yes, the new feature is not working even on Windows. I tried restarting not just the Katalon Studio but also the machine itself but no luck.

Its working for me. Good Job katalon !

Yes you were right I had to download the 6.0.3 beta version, but my current Mobile project is having issues to run on that beta version, so I will wait to have the Dark Theme until the 6.0.3 becomes a official version of Katalon Studion, thanks for your quick response devalex88

Menu bar, in dark mode (6.3.2) it’s bad to see on debian. It’s gray